Customers are introduced to your agency before they even walk in your door. There is no doubt your agency offices make an indelible impression on current and future customers. Clean, organized reception and work areas in good repair say a lot about your business. But how many producers are mindful of the impression they are making on these same consumers with their “virtual” offices? How about agency marketing material they have available in their offices for customers to take away, or send out in mass mailings? No matter how sharp the agent or broker was in person, the brochures, quote sheets, letters and other printed/electronic material will be what customers will base their “memory” of the agency on.

Really we are talking about two things. The intro -- the first encounter a customer makes with an agency. This may be the website (very likely considering today’s electronic savvy consumer). It could be flyers passed out in a parking lot, or maybe a sponsored or co-sponsored community event. Whatever the means, this is your introduction to a prospect. How do you look? Is your website up to date? Are you recycling your flyers and marketing collateral without touting your latest and best products?

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