handshakeWhy not start September off really doing something positive for your business? BIG wants you to indulge in America's two biggest pastimes: Baseball and Business. In the jam-packed one-day Minivention, slated for September 1st at Oakland Coliseum, you will be able to accomplish an entire weekend's worth of production in just a few hours.

"Many California- based associations are accused of a Southern California bias. Events are planned around the Los Angeles/Inland Empire/San Diego areas and Northern California members and supporters are forced to make a special trip to participate with their own trade group," said Jon Spaugy, BIG CEO. "BIG believes that every member should be able to stay at least semi-local to connect with colleagues and potential business partners."

The BIG Minivention event will feature over 50 vendors attending this year, ranging from standard to preferred insurance carriers, GA's, finance companies, technology companies and much more. This "one-stop shopping" tour will introduce participants to companies eager to do business with the successful insurance professionals that comprise the BIG member roster. Talk appointments, new markets, product innovations, or just hook up with current company reps to find out the latest news.

To read more, click on the BIG Times Magazine tab and check out the July August 2015 issue.

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