happy employees

Most employers know that a content and happy workforce is a productive one. Naturally, not every company can afford Google-like employee perks like free massages, daily catered lunches and complimentary bus service. But there surely is a happy medium. Just look at Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and the difference in work environments between Fezziwig and Scrooge.  If your employees are glad to come to work, they are also happy to be there.

Building a team ethos is a great way to start. Every contribution along the way is important. Remind your employees of that.  Keep them in the loop on important company trends, as compartmentalization is an easy way for workers to lose interest in the whole. "I'll focus on my job and who cares about the rest?" Create a sense of ownership.

Employees can also feel they have a stake in the company through responsibility. It doesn't even have to be a new title, just some new “authority” that shows they are trusted and respected. Clearly communicate what their responsibilities are and letting them use the skill set you hired them for to accomplish their goals. Make sure they have the tools at their disposal to get their jobs done and leave them to it. That’s why they are working for you.

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