Multi Generation Hispanic Family Standing In Park

Hispanics have been immigrating in large numbers to the United States for decades, but are retailers still using outdated assumptions about this multifaceted segment of the population? With large proportions of Hispanics having been born in the United States and being heavily influenced by both their heritage the American way of life, these consumers are very much of two cultures and often use English and Spanish in their daily lives.

Information from the Pew Research Center shows that the share of foreign-born Hispanics is on the decline. In 2012, only 35.5 percent of Hispanics were born outside of the United States compared to 40.1 percent in 2000, and these figures are even lower when looking only at children.

So what does this mean to retailers? It means the Hispanic shopper of today is a hybrid. For instance, despite the fact that many Hispanics are now U.S.-born, they are clinging to the traditions of their ancestors, particularly in their food and beverage choices. According to The NPD Group, 65 percent of Hispanics in the Millennial generation say they always or often follow traditions when planning and serving meals. This proportion is as large as among Hispanic women overall.

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