Sure, California has excellent beaches, beautiful mountain with thousands of miles of hiking trails, and a temperate climate. Like the old song goes, “it never rains in California,” and so far this year, it’s correct. Sightsee in Yosemite – the part that’s not on fire --- and then hit the slopes for great skiing, all in one day. It’s here for the taking in the Golden State. Speaking of “taking,” Cali has the inauspicious position of being tops in taking your time in your car.

According to a 2013 survey by GPS manufacturer TomTom, Califonia is home to three of the top ten most congested cities in the United States.  According to the company, the in formation was gathered “with the support of millions of TomTom users” to capture “anonymous travel time information.”  This information placed Los Angeles at the top of the congestion list, followed by San Francisco in the number two position and San Jose in the five spot.

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