manageWe often get inquiries from companies wanting to know what it takes to manage up and manage down in order to:

  • Improve relationships, communications, efficiency, and productivity
  • Raise the bar on reducing waste
  • Increase the flow of ideas for better work flow
  • Enhance customer interaction and product or service design and improvement.

So, we developed a workshop titled, Cracking the Personality Code: Managing Up and Managing Down – Communication Opportunity of a Life Time! We thought we’d share some key points on this huge topic:

Teams should consider the following quote from Albert Einstein: “The significant problems we have today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

We need to be receptive to consider how we have done things in the past and when things need to change in order to stay current. Remember the Rolodex cards? Even the good old fashioned light pole is being changed out for the more modern version that does not pollute, uses solar electricity, notifies central head quarters through a wireless device when it needs service, and is quicker and less expensive to install.

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* Article by Dana Borowka, Lighthouse Consulting. Excerpt from the book "Cracking the Business Code."

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